Cosmetics under $60 and What-About’s!


Make up is one of my weaknesses. Have you ever been in any make up store, and you feel like all your grocery list can be forgotten and you are willing to spend your money just for make up?? Thats one of the reason why i usually avoid make up stores now, haha. But this Blog Article is not about avoiding make ups, or weighing priorities, this Article is about giving yourself a break, spend a little money for yourself, its like a little treat (most girls says this, im one of them) and also the make up products that i used just cost me $60! Amazing right? So if you wanna know how, yes, keep going on reading this article!



In this pulpy, vintage shade, it just makes my lips look so natural and just nude. I’ve been looking for the right shade of my Lips, and now i have found it. Just nice!



I’ve been trying bunch and bunch of concealers from Revlon. I have the stick one, i have one that is for under-eye. But this one is exceptional! Mostly, liquid concealers makes my skin so dry, but with this one, there is no effect of dry skin. Its amazing how it works, since i told myself this is the last thing im gonna try revlon products, and if its still wont work, then im so done.



I’ve been looking for a good bronzer since i’ve never used any before. I know i should have tried NARS, or Kat von D or Sephora, but since they are much more expensive, i tried looking for some other brands and i found this! Its not powder, coz thats what mostly people ask about this product, but as soon as you apply it on your face, it just makes your skin smooth and its not a heavy bronzer, its just like a very comfortable-wearing kind of bronzer. I so recommend this one!

DSCN1396 DSCN1397


So this brush is just awesome if you use it for your bronzer. I don’t use the sponge ones because for some reason, it makes me feel so uncomfortable. Im not used in using sponge for my face coz it gives me that greasy feeling every single time. So as much as i could i just avoid sponges.



This product just came out few weeks ago. I saw bunch of youtube stars used this one and it just gives me the idea of “why not” so i bought it the next day. It actually works, this is one of the products i can’t leave my house without. The mascara is truly made for girls who dreams to have perfect eyelashes!


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