Kitchen Confessions |Seperation Anxiety Breakdown!


i just feel so weak and so dry and its like whatever’s inside me feels heavy. Im supposed to post a different article today because that’s what the schedule says but i don’t feel like talking about it right now, suddenly there was this sudden rush of meltdown feeling inside me and i hate it!

Someone that is special to me is leaving tomorrow to go back to University because the Summers almost over (Already!). We were just talking in the car about how barely we see each other during the mid summer weeks because of work, especially me, im an introvert (which i hate too!) and i just regret the times when im supposed to be hanging out with her.

You know this feeling you get when somebody special to you leaves and what is left with you is the feeling of being alone when you are not actually alone, but you felt like you were left out and you just wanna burst out crying. Some of my friends and co-worker were leaving town too and it just kills me to death, like really! I know the next time we’ll gonna see each other is gonna be on december, and that will be like 4 months from now, and i know it’s not gonna be that long but still, that feeling of loneliness is still there!

So hopefully i got out of this anxiety for like in 24hours, because usually, when i feel like this, it takes me days to recover! Gawwd, this feeling makes me feel sick!!


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