Trainwreck |Movie Review


Another movie to look forward of those people who couldn’t stop thinking of having their own family, or thinking of their future with their loved one, their partner in crime. I find this movie exciting at first because it made me realize that life isn’t just about thinking about your own lust, or just thinking of your own happiness. We do have choices in everything, but its just us who makes it difficult to choose sometimes. This movie brings back a lot of memories to me i dont know why. It’s not because that i always wanted to live alone or id rather travel and be just myself, its because im afraid of committing something to other person, im afraid that they might not be worth it.

Anyways, Amy Schumer handled the character very well, obviously, thats because she is a very talented entertainer in this generation i would say. She is just so funny in many ways, the way she makes the people laugh is just amazing. As far as i can remember, the last time i laughed like this was when i watched “blended” played by adam sandler. Seriously guys, you wont regret watching this movie. To me, it’s really worth it, you wont regret you spent your $5 here. I swear!


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