10 years from now… |Kitchen Confessions


How do i see my life in 10 years???!!! TRAVEL, MONEY, APARTMENT AND MORE FUN!

Yes, i don’t see myself getting married 10 years from now or how many years from now because i just don’t want to. It’s not my Plan or i just don’t want to, but i dont wanna predict something that i know i might get disappointed if it wont happen. I don’t like bad vibes in my life, nobody wants to. For me, getting married is not a must, it is something that just happens whenever, wherever. It is something that surprises you when you are not ready, and doesn’t shows up when you are ready. In my case, i just wanna be neutral. Like you know, i don’t wanna expect too much, i dont wanna be pressured too.

10 years from now, im still a blogger, im still doing my actual job, but im gonna be succesful that i can afford to live in my own apartment, have my own car and to travel a lot. I can say that i am very independent right now, because i pay my bills, i saved money and i can totally buy my own food, so whatever just happens i can totally nail it. Do i ever have plans in studying again? Yes! I wanna do psychology again and i wanna do writing too! It’s gonna be amazing, because i was interested in writing so much! Sometimes people would say what is my dreamjob and i would answer them that i wanna write Crap things but still i get paid lots, because thats what i love to do and then she answered back, you mean Blogging? And i was like, blogging is not “Crap”, it is also a form of formal writing these days. Why would people always point out that blogging is “Non-sense” thats what i wanna do for the rest of my life and you dont care.

Anyways, yeah. Thats all im gonna say for todays confession. 10 years from now, what you might be doing guys??


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