A Bloggers Tag Game!


So i was sitting in my office tonight a.k.a in my Bed, and i realized that its been so long since the last time i did a Tag Game and you know how i really like answering questions, it just thrills me and it just makes me happy to let you know the stuffs i dont like and i like, for me its like a step on getting to know each other. So to start with..


1.) Thing you cannot leave the house without?

-Pants! Ahaha! Just kidding. But seriously i can’t live the house without my Phone, because its everything for me. It is where my to-do list is, where my Notes are, my Memos, like every single stuff is there.

2.)Favorite Brand of Makeup?

-Sephora. No doubt, no second thinking, i go with Sephora. It never disappoints me, like never ever since i bought the value set, the face powder and the CC cream, it is one of the things i have never regret buying tho i have to pay like $40 for a powder, i dont mind, because seriously its worth it.

3.)Favorite Flowers?

-i am the kind of person that likes to have a view of plants in the patio but i hate taking care of them, i mean im not good at it. But i think, White Roses is Gorgeous it just hurts so much that i think its more hotter than Victoria Angels (not really, im just Kiddin) but yeah!

4.)Fave Clothing Store?

-Urban Outfitters! Its the best store ever, like they have the kind of tank tops that i like, it fits my style, their sweater is worth the price, and their accesories is just awesomeballs that i think i can live in their store for a month without complaining about clothes!

5.)Fave Perfume?

-rose de chloe and reveal by calvin klein. Damn! Those perfume are one of the finest i would say! The smell stays literally like the whole day.

6.) heels or flats?

-flats. Because wearing heels makes me feel like walking in hell. Haha

7.)Fave colors?

-Pink! Pink just never fails to amaze me. There are some shade of pink that i dont like, but i most like the lighter ones rather than the dark ones.

8.)Do you drink energy drinks?

-nope! I used to before, but gatorade just upsets my stomach now. Gives me chill and stuff like that. I dont know why, so i just switched to organic drinks, tea and water!

9.)Do you drink juice?

-cranberry juice. Yeap!

10.)Do you like Swimming?

-yes! But sometimes its the pool that i don’t like. Coz you know how some pool looks dirty in your eyes, especially when they’re the crowded ones, and im like “not today”.

11.)Do you eat fries with fork?

-if its poutine, Yes. But if its just a regular fries, Hell No!

12.)Whats your fave Moisturizer?

-so far, Nivea. They’re just so awesome, nivea is the best!

13.)Do you want to get married later on in life?

-im still not thinking about it yet, im not pretty sure, because getting married and having a family means being financially stable,and i don’t know if years later from now, i would be like that, i mean, if i can afford to have my own family. It’s not just a simple thing you know, it’s not a joke, it’s not just a game, unless your a Kardashian.

14.)Do you get mad easily?

-Nope. Im the kind of person who thinks first. How can you think right if you are already mad? Getting mad or being mad is not always the best solution to handle things, you know.

15.)Are you into Ghost Hunting?

-yes! Can somebody invite me to go to one of your Ghost Hunting?? We can videotape it and post it somwhere! It’ll be awesome and fun!

16.)Any Phobias?

-Nope, phobias are fears and fears are lame. So i dont.

17.) Do you bite your nails?

-Nope. Never in my life i didn’t that, well, as far as i can remember. But i couldn’t remember biting my nails as i grow up.

18.)Have you ever had a near death experience?

-i couldn’t remember anything. I don’t think so. I have nine lives, im a cat, so nope!

19.) do you drink coffee??

-i used to. When i was in college, i used to drink lots of those, but when i started working, i started having Tea, because it’s just plain addicting and it’s as good as coffee too.

20.) Fave Followers?




So to the Fave Followers that i mentioned, obviously, it means that i tag you on this game. HAHAHAHA! Just for fun guys, don’t kill it, and don’t break the Chain! Haha. Enjoy answering the questions.!


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