Introversion is an Option?

“Mistaking introversion for shyness is a common error. Introverts prefer solitary to social activities, but do not necessarily fear social encounters like shy people do”- Wikipedia

So far, i have refused 2 parties to attend to last 2 weekends ago and i am 95.9% sure that i am, Absolutely, no joke INTROVERT!

Some People think that being an Introvert is being Anti-Social, Shy, Weirdos, and Bookworms. I would agree with “bookworms” but for the love of God, we are not Weirdos. We just decided to have a little break from the dramatic and drastic society were living in! It is not Avoiding, its just about forming a little space AWAY from what you don’t like.

Being an Introvert is pretty hard because half of you got this feeling of being energetic and hyper and all you wanna do is go out and socialize but there’s this bigger percent of your mind that tells you to stay away from achieving to being a Socialite because that will never happen and that spending your days watching Netflix and drinking tea is way more better than stealing an hour with your “party friends”.

I don’t know how other Introverts cope up in this kind of situation but what i do is just trying to avoid self-disappointments, i mean, if i go out but i dont feel like going out, isn’t that a very tough decision? What the creeps would you do? Should i stay or not? And most likely introverts like me will choose just to stay at home, because originally thats how it supposed to be. Handling that kind of Feeling isn’t fun, it will never be fun, not at all. You feel kind of Jealousy inside you because you’re friends and there’s you practicing your “forever alone” Life.

But hey! Being Introvert is more fun too! You may have spend it alone or with somebody who truly understands you, it doesn’t matter as long as you know that you love what you were doing and as long you love yourself for being who you are, because you really couldn’t openly love somebody if you coudn’t love yourself first. I just wanted to remind you that Introversion is not a Bad idea, its not a bad thing, there is nothing wrong with it, its just that some people like me knows how to prioritize some things, i find introvert people succeed more, they are the motivated one because we are knowing our inner-selves peacefully and by that we were able to think more, we do strategize and thats how we build our self confidence.

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