300 for Goal and VideoPress Launch!


It has been 2 years now since i started my Blog, i started from movie reviews, book reviews, which is what i liked and what i wanted to do. I enjoyed doing it because i love watching movies and i also like reading book and talking about them to people, it is natural for me because it is something what i really planned to do when i first started my blog.

I intended to name it “teenhabitat” because i want my blog site to be a place where people especially the “teens” go to when they’re having their past-time, or when they wanna know about something, like whats the trend. Originally, the point of my Blog is also to post some youtube videos where i fond of watching, usually they are the funny ones or the one that is “unbelievable” or the ones that is about beauty and essentials.

I reached my 500 likes just recently and im in awe when i received a Notif about it. Im really excited its just made me feel so inspired to do and write a bunch of things. Especially on the Kitchen Confessions that i just recently updated, i am pretty excited and happy to share to you some confessions and it just makes my heart skip a beat everytime!

Now, im on my 213th Follower, and my Goal is to reach 300 and im going to launch VideoPress on my Blog site. Im gonna share to you guys some videos that i personally took and edited. The idea of it actually thrills me and makes me feel nervous too, because you may never know when can i have 300 followers, i mean, i know thats a lot of work to do, but the AWESOMENESS should never end. I just wanna give my followers the satisfaction they were looking for. I know that i haven’t proved anything that much yet to some of you so please help me achieve my 300 Goal!! Thank you so much!

Follow me:

Instagram: clarissegallardo

Email me: teenhabitat95@gmail.com


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