It is 10:00 in the evening here in Canada, and im still awake because i have found this Video Post on my FB account and also i found it in Youtube about a Spanish Family who were told by an Old Lady to go out of the Restaurant because they were talking in SPANISH! Wow! No offense to this old Lady but seriously??!! I didn’t know RACISTS AGES TOO, i thought they LIVE FOREVER!

This is Probably the 2nd Blog post i wrote about racism and i don’t mind if i write it a million times not until this racist people will stop bugging people who lives freely! I don’t wanna be Rude, because seriously sometimes people are just born rude. I think its natural!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9cmgvgPDlIIΒ <—-this is the link! watch it!

Ok. So the 2nd video that i saw about racism is about MAC (cosmetic) employees being rude to an asian girl because she’s asian. WHAAT!! Is this how the world goes now?? Why are they so many stupid people??!! I mean, you cant’ just generalize ones personality.

This Racist people makes my Blood race in my nerves! Grrr.

Insects are way more deserving to live than this freaking Racists! IM SERIOUS.


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