So last night i posted a quote i copied from 9gag saying “find a woman who have brains, all of us have vagina” and to my surprise this afternoon, somebody messaged me, corrected my grammar (its not my quote,i just copied it, and i dont mean to proofread it!) which is,well, im a bit glad she did, of all people she noticed it, But she sounded like she got offended, take note, she’s an old lady (about late 60’s)! I was reading the message and i was like “where the hell did this lady came from?”. Last night remember when i told you about an old lady being such a racist to a spanish family. Damn, this is more like this! Now its happening to me!

I swear im not threatened. Its normal to have somebody like that, i mean, this is a cruel world, we are living in a world where good and bad happens and i didnt get upset because she corrected my grammar but because that was a stupid post of mine, well i responded to her message saying im sorry if i offended anybody on that, (and i dont know maybe they just Dont have Brains but they do Just have Vaginas, oh well).

And also i received bad comments and i dont take it in. Everybody will always have bashers. Just dont take it seriously or else it will eat you alive. Its nice to know that atleast somebody notices you, but in a negative way. As what i have said, you will never learn if without this negative vibes. 


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