So i just had my breakfast, Washed the Dishes and now im gonna have my Blog Post. I was watching hilarious youtube videos, it was all so damn crazy, you dont wanna know what is it all about.

Anyways, Moving On… I was scrolling down my Facebook Newsfeed and i came to this picture. (see the picture below)


For all the freaking goddamn sake! THIS IS SO TRUE!! This is one of the pictures i have seen that has so much meaning and TRUTH!

Well i dont wanna be rude, seriously, its not my job to Judge you or anybody else’s because we have the right to do whatever we wanna do, if some girls/women/ladies wanna twerkin’ and drinkin’ and smokin’ i definitely doesn’t care. BUT ofcourse i dont wanna see you postin’ on your facebook account sayin “hell this dude just makin’ me feel awkward, i was smoking outside the Club and he came to me and asked if i wanna go Humpy-Dumpy with him, freaks”! Hell yeah! With the way you acted what do you think a man will think about you? A Nun??! Hell no! Because you were giving him a reason to stick on you, and now you’re complaining? Like seriously?! Attention is what you’ve been seeking at first thats why you act like somebody can just easily hump on you, so why are you mad now that somebody came up on you??

Just a reminder ladies, we all have our own Invisible Crowns, so if you don’t wanna be Classy, Atleast dont be trashy.

Ok lets move on, some women just wanna go out, saying “im 20 and i can hell do whatever i want”. So seriously, there are some people who would just forget there dignity because they are 20. take note this kind of people exist! Life is not just about having fun, being high, or going to the club, because i seriously do that sometimes too, but do whatever you want for the sake of “happiness”? That is not happiness, that is close enough for saying “im putting myself into trouble”. Life is about learning, life is not just about having fun, you need downfall too, coz you will never learn if you wont do any mistakes! Im not saying that i hate “happy-go-lucky” people, its just that i dont like the way they handle their lives, its totally none of my business, OK, this is my opinion. This is what i see with todays generation. Too much crap and then they complain. Maybe you have to TWERK for it. Right?


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