Dear WordPress Family |Realiblog Announces

As a Blogger and to be in this industry as WordPresser is a huge thing for me because whatever i couldn’t say or whatever i can’t actually express in real world, i was able to say it here. I admire my Followers for being ever supportive and being patient it is so nice of you all to do that. Ive been receiving emails everyday and i appreciate it, you know i do and always will respond and i feel so special because of that. No matter what happens you guys are seriously the best! 

So i gathered you here today (not really!), because i received a very special notification in my life. 500 likes for this year guys! WordPress awarded me for having 500 likes this year, to think were not even half through! I owe you this one guys! I have never expected this in my entire internet life. Like the first time i entered wordpress, i know in myself that this is nothing, i just needed a place where nobody Jugdges me, and this is it! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Kitchen Confessions Leading the Page!

I am thankful for the success also of “Kitchen Confessions” where i tell you guys all my reactions and insights about life, well kind of. Hahaha. Thank you guys for supporting that blog, i was trying so hard to think of something that will not dissappoint you for some reason, and then i came up with this title which is im greatful about because usually kitchen is where i sit and discuss some things with my family or with my friends, it is where the shared moments were being filled so i decided to do it with you guys! 


Stay tune for Magic Mike Movie Review!!

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