Kitchen Confessions |Single is Better

Ok. Lets go straight. I am single and i love being surrounded by people who are inlove/in a relationship, i find it fun because atleast they have somebody to run to when they needed a shoulder to cry on. 

But what is this thing im seeing on the internet world about over reacting relationship goalssss!!!! Seriously guys its not fun or its not sweet, it is annoyinggg!! Im not jealous or anything im just irritated because they base their relationship to somebody’s relationship when this two things got nothing to do with each other anyways! Is that how relationship works nowadays??? If thats how it is then id rather stay single until i die! 

Being in a relationship is about making your own stories. This is not about who has the best relationship in the world or who is the sweetest couple everr, because literally everybody has its own way of being together. Being in a relationship means doing good and bad together, there is no point in staying in the relationship if you two are not even enjoying quality time. How did you two fall in love with each other at first anyways??

And the real thing is don’t forget how you both started as a couple because it will always be in your story. No matter how in denial you are in the end, it will always be there. Admit your right and/or wrong because that is how it supposed to be!

Niggas stay classy and pumped up! 😍

Stay in love! ❀️❀️
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