Zac and mia book review (Copied Novel??!)


I have never encountered such a copied story as “The Fault in our Stars” novel. I know it is a bad introduction for a Book Review, but i just wanna go straight with whatever i have in mind.

First of all, i have noticed that the story was a little bit, or atleast the idea was gotten from John Greens’ “The Fault in our Stars” but the difference is that nobody died in the Ending (Spoiler Alert!). They both have Cancer, and surprisingly, well, accidentally, i would say, Zac (lead character) have osteosarcoma. Sounds familiar i know because that was in John Greens’ novel too.

It is actually a good novel, only if it has an originality. I am not a good writer, i dont write novels myself, but i do read a lot and this novel just doesn’t satisfy me. I, myself, expected a lot from this novel, coz from what i have read in the very back of the book, it sounds interesting. It’s just i thought there will be more than what i was thinking that will come up, you know.

It’s just that i have my hopes up for this books, expecting that there will be some chills will happen as i jump to every chapter.

Lesson Learned: not because it has a very nice Book Cover, doesn’t mean it has a very good story, just like people.


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