Apple Pancake w/ Yogurt Dressing |Meals for the Fittest


Waking up in a Sunday Morning is the Best feeling for me. Why? Because it just simply indicates that i can go back to bed again after breakfast because its a No-Work-Day. I always like planning ahead of time of what to eat, just to make sure Im making the right decisions, but this morning when i woke up, i just realized how badly i gained weight for missing a lot of workout and eating wrong things, especially in the morning. Breakfast should be filled with all the nutrients your body needed because that is when your day starts. So i came up with the decision of making Pancakes with a twist!


So first of all, i chopped the Apples into tiny bits, i’d like to call it tidbits, just because.


When you’re done chopping your apples, you can now proceed in doing your pancakes, no special procedure, just the usual way on how you do your Pancake mix.


When you’re all done mixing the Pancake mix of your choice, put the apples on the same bowl and mix them altogether.


And there you go! You just have to fry it in the pan, and you are good to go! Just a little tip, if it looks a little bit Burned, don’t exaggerate, its not actually burnt, its the apples that make it looks like it.


To make it more delicious, and more fun to eat, instead of putting pancake syrup, i put some Yogurt so it’ll be more healthier. You can be more artistic than this, you can put some granola on the top, some berries if you’d like to.

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