Toasted Chicken Sandwich |MEALS FOR THE FITTEST


It has been few months since i last did Meals for the Fittest, i’ve been busy actually, with having 2 jobs its hard to do time management especially when there’s a lot of things to do. But Dont Worry! I’ve managed my time this time, i have schedules and i totally was excited that FINALLY! MEALS FOR THE FITTEST IS BACK!

So to start the Tutorial, i wanna tell you something that is connected to this days Blog. So there has been a lot of things going on, i have changed my Lifestyle, i’ve been health conscious lately and i’ve been really picky of what im eating too and as i go on with this new agenda of my life, i learned that there should be no things to be Wasted. So i’ll be eating as much Greens and fruits as i could and i have learned how to cook my own food too, before i use to just rely to my Dad (he’s the best cook by the way) and i’ll be sharing everything to you.


Anyways, Moving on… Today we’ll be doing “Toasted Chicken Sandwich”. It is super easy to do and fast and the chicken that i used is just Leftover from the other day, so we will make use of that boring roasted chicken sitting in the microwave.


So what i did first is i sliced them. It doesn’t matter how you like to slice your chicken, but i decided mine to be in cubes and just chunks of it.


When your done slicing them all up, you just have to heat the pan and use your favorite cooking oil. I used a mixture of olive oil and vegetable oil.

When the pan is good to go, you can pour all your sliced chicken.DSCN1130

When the pan is good to go, you can pour all your sliced chicken.


You can use anything that you like for flavoring. With mine, i used Mama Sita’s oyster sauce and put Garlic and Salt too for tasting. I used to like putting Spicy garlic powder in it before, but i ran out of it, it’s actually good if you wanna try it. Ofcourse, mix them all up and you are good to go.


I put mayo in it first, and then the chicken that we just cooked, and top it with lettuce. For more fun, you can top it with sliced tomatoes, olives, and/or spinach, just anything green or healthy stuff that you can think of.

DSCN1141 DSCN1140

It is fun to cook you’re own food because you know the process if you’re into something healthy and also because you can be crazy just putting whatever you like.

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