Whats on my iPhone this 2015!? |Re-make Article

It has been a year and so since the last time i posted the “Whats on my Phone” article, but since there’s lots of things happened this past few months in my life and there are some essential (not-so-essential) things that changed, im gonna do a Re-make of this article featuring iPhone 5s.

Before i tell you what’s in it, i wanna talk about the Phone first, my experiences and like a little review of it too. I bought this phone last March it has been one of the best Phones i’ve ever had actually and my last article that i used there was Samsung Grand. You might think why i didn’t buy iPhone 6 or 6 Plus, tho by that time this both latest models were already out, the answer is, i did not, because the latest models were quite too big for me and it’s not the kind of phone that you can bring anywhere without your bag or purse. Im the kind of person who’s always on the Go, like for example my friends will just call me to come over to their place, i would just grab my phone and wallet and keys and that’s it, im not a purse-kind-of-person, i would usually use my pocket, and obviously this Two Latest Models were not actually the kind of phone you can put in your Pocket on the go coz they’re just too big for me.

Moving On… My Phone have:

1 Song

25 Videos

383 Photos

13 Applications

8.1 version

16 gb Capacity

And my Phone name is Klaresaaa (thats for my Airdrop, and iPhone users know about this names, haha)


My Lock Screen is consists of the Time, the Date and ofcourse, the background picture, the ever handsome Nick Jonas. I’ve been a fan of Nick Jonas ever since their song SOS first came out, he caught my eye because he got this really unique hair, i think its cute! Haha


When you slide my phone to unlock, it usually consists of the Built-in Apps and some were the ones that i downloaded. The only Apps that i’ve never used in here is the Maps, Stocks, Game Center, Newstand, Passbook and Health. This apps were the once i’ve never opened EVER. Im not a gamer, i dont play games on my phone or on any gadgets that i have because it has never been my thing, i mean, id rather read a book than to play crap.

On the very bottom, we all know that we can always re-organize it with apps that we use everyday, or remove apps that we dont actually use. But with mine the three most important things there is obviously the “Phone” where your contacts are, “Messages and “Safari”. As you can see at the above list i only have 1 song in my phone thats because i dont put any kind of music in it, that does not mean im an “Emo” kind of person, but because i dont wanna use up my phone memory with that, i have my iPod with music anyways, so i think thats more essential.


On the 2nd slide, its usually consist of things that i’ve downloaded which are:

Instagram (follow me: clarissegallardo)

Facebook (add/follow me: Clarisse Gallardo)

Kik (add me: chippyclars95)

Skype (too personal)


Pic Collage


Cosmo (this is very essential when i wanna read an article about stuffs

that is trending in the cyber world. It’s a Cosmo Mag App)

RBC Mobile Banking (just to keep track on my Money and my

Spending issues, haha)

Snapchat (add me: chippyclars95)

WeHeartIt (just like Pinterest, but more fun)

Guitar Tabs (if i search for some chords)

And anyways, my Phone Cover is from Amazon, its a Mint Green rubber iPhone Case. It’s very cute and so summer-y kind of color.

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Let’s talk about Gay Pride Next!


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