Never Google Heartbreak |Book Review


It has been 2 weeks since ive started reading “Never Google Heartbreak”. I would admit that when the first time i read the summary of this book online i actually find it very intriguing.

It is the TYPICAL-KIND-OF-LOVE-STORY that you can see in Movies. Its not Funny, its not RomCom, although i would admit that i partly expected that it might be since im a lover of RomCom.

The best part of this book is that it gives us a lesson. Love is in the air, it’s in everything you do, and that Time shouldn’t be the measurement of you’re relationship, the Bond and the Trust should always be there.

Now i wonder if how many people in this world experience the same problem as Viv’s. Its actually a very interesting topic, it is something i would for sure talk about. Why would men always think that just because they have Money, they have Pretty Cars, and Huge houses, the Girls would die for their Love, Seriosuly?? Men are Complicated.

Getting back to the book, i would say “Bravo” for this Lady Author. It’s one of the best book i’ve read, although the ending was a little bit not what i expected but still it gives me excitement everytime i finish a chapter and just curious of what will happen the next chapter.

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