watching movie ALONE! |RealiBlog


Obviously my day starts by waking up in the mornings, getting ready for work while the music is busting loudly in my room. I wake up with full of positive life energy, when i know that at the end of the day i’ll be surrounded with random negative charges, but Whatever.

Anyways, so yeah, i worked and after that me and my cousin went out to watch Poltergeist, it is a very “sci-fi” kind of movie, it’s not actually pretty scary, i would say much better than the insidious, but here’s the fun part, so we were so excited because finally were gonna watch it coz there’s a lot of people i heard talking about this that this is already a remake from a 1970’s film, so that makes me feel interested and curious at the same time. By the time we already bought our tickets and ofcourse my Popcorn (which im craving for years and ages now) we went directly inside the cinema, and we’re surprised that there’s nobody there, well, obviously its just gonna be me and my cousin the whole movie time, which is thank god the movie turned out not that scary at all. But it was a very exciting moment because it was just us. Hahaha..

After the movie, we went to the Pub, to have Wing Night. It’s like an every week “happening” in town, where you get 10 pcs of wings for half price. It was so good, thats the only day i get excited about. Anyways, so me and my cousin joined this other group of friends of ours, we were talking the whole night, drinking, it was a good night, it’s nice to have a good laugh from time to time, have a break from your stressful work and be back to that again as soon as you’re done with having fun. That night would have been fun if there’s something Wild happened tho (if you know what i mean) hahaha.


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