The Squad went Camping! |Realiblog


I’ve been waiting for this day for few months, preparing for a month, and finally here we are! Camping and having a blast before the weekend is done. I went with my cousin and some of our friends, and we are like a bunch of Filipino having Fun during the weekends in the lake, just because we got a tribe going on here.


I will not go through with each and everything we did because it’ll take me a few days just talking. But anyways, the picture above is our tent, its a 8-person tent, but unfortunately there’s only 5 us there stayed. Its very nice inside, but you gotta be prepared when you woke up the next morning coz for sure you gonna have body aches.


This is Us taking picture in the sunset because we can’t resist and also because we can’t let this weekend off without taking a selfie in the sunset. Damn, it’s a very awesome day, thank God the weather was not that rude, except it was just a little bit chilly in the afternoons and cold in the early morning. Haha.


So one of the Filipinos owns 2 quads, its a four wheel motorcycle and a 2-seater. It was really fun! We look like Power rangers here. And look at me, i look so squished! Hahaha,, the helmet was just too mcuh for my chubby cheeks! We got dirty and feel so dry then after we ride the quad, with all the dust and the bushes and the off-roads we went through, damn it’s worth it!

Oh! And we even went fishing, its so addictive! I could spend the whole day just fishing and keep on fishing! Too bad i didn’t take any pictures but still we had fun doing that. My cousin caught 2 fishes but we let go the other one coz its too small, its still a baby. Haha


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