Insidious Chapter 3 |MOVIE REVIEW

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There is something wrong with this movie for some reason, IDK. If i were to compare this movie to the last 2 parts of Insidious, it is totally different. I didn’t had Chills or Goosebumps when i watched it just like the other parts, maybe because the story didn’t kick in like that, it’s totally different. The thing is it’s looks like the same as the “Annabelle” movie, where they have to talk about the past, right before “the conjuring” happened. It’s not the usual “Insidious-Feeling” you get everytime you say to yourself that you watched it already. Sorry, i just can’t resist comparing it the other 2 parts because those ones were really good, i mean, it was one of the most scary movies i’ve ever watched, i actually felt sleepy when i came to watch it.

It’s not scary at all. You’ll just be surprised that you were there asking yourself if you’re actually in the right cinema.


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