So talking about being “ANNOYED” or “FED UP” is actually happening to me like in every single day basis. Im not actually comfortable talking about this, but i need to let it out, and it’s nice to share something!

The First thing that i felt so annoyed to is when i take a shower and instead of getting shampoo first, i get the conditioner. I get annoyed with that so much especially when im in a rush and i just feel the need of getting the right one but i ended up getting the wrong one. Coz im the type of person who like to do “Matchies” (idk if thats what you call it but whatever) when the shampoo is L’oreal brand conditioner should be like that too, if its Bed Head then the other one should be Bed Head too, you know.

The Second thing is when you go to a party and you drink beer and everytime you finishes the bottle you feel Peeing right after, and im like holy mac and cheese that was fast! I mean, im still enjoying talking here, and here i am sliding in a very embarrassing situation just because i feel like peeing, SRSLY?!

The 3rd thing is when you have to Pee in the Middle of the Night. I just can’t deal with it anymore, like everytime, although i pee before i go to bed just to make sure, but this time, it just wont let go, there must be something wrong with my vajayjay!

The 4th thing is when you have to deal with a VERY non sense question. Coz i work in a place where customer service is a must, but sometimes this people will just Swoop in in your working life and ask you stupid questions like “Oh! There’s a power shortage earlier, is it back now?” to think that she’s right in the store, standing, with the lights on, computers on and aircondition is finely working, and i was like “uhmm, i guess not, since im using my Computer, maybe my fingers brings energy this time” DUH!

The 5th and Last thing is when im Blogging or Writing something and there’s a music background. Thats why i dont stay in cafe’s when i have to write something or have to critically think of something. I dont know, it just Bugs me everytime, i’ll just end up singing with the music instead of finishing my write ups which is due like in 5 more minutes or so. But when you’re in public and you try to think of something to Blog, like you really wanna come up with something different, it’s pretty hard to concentrate, people nowadays with put in mini/portable speakers in their pockets and have it connected to their ipods and have a Boombastic music going on, as if its something we don’t know.

Yeah! That was it for the things i get annoyed at. You call me rude or mean, but really admit it to yourself you get annoyed with some of this things too. It’s just something you don’t wanna happen to you, but you got no choice but to deal with it.

Well anyways guys, check out the last blog that i did. It’s a new category in my Blog life called “RealiBlog” where i talk about the highlights of my day,what’s been going on and the learnings and stuff! So go check it out, i’ll put a link somewhere down here, and me guys talk to you later.

[https://teenhabitat.wordpress.com/2015/06/08/party-people-and-what-realiblog/] CLICK HERE!


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