Party People and What. |RealiBlog


Ok. so I woke up with this kind of face this morning. its not the usual face I have when I wake up, this time its different because unfortunately I went to a party last night. for the first time, its the only party i went to so far that i had my make up smudged like really just out of nowhere i was just looking like drunk, but im not. haha.

Well anyways, i was invited in a Housewarming party. My friend that i work with, her sister is havingΒ “mortgage warming” that’s how they call it here. it was pretty fun, there’s too much drinks, and it happens that on the other side, i mean the house beside the party we went to is having their own fun night too! so we went there from time to time, if we felt out of place for a nano second we could just walk back to the other party and so on and so forth. we’re having a fire, and chairs in front of it and marshmallow roasting and sausages, popcorn, we got the music and we got laughs and talks. nobody got intoxicated it was like plain fun!

but as the time goes by, there you would realize that there are different types of people in a party like that:

*the Silent one– theres this guy in the party last night, he was hot, i should admit that, but it seems like he’s scared of talking, whether his mouth is full of shit or something, i don’t know. I’ve never seen him spoke for the rest of the night, unless he started talking to somebody while i was away somewhere. hahaha but i truly believe he’s got something, he just have to say it aloud!

*The Convo Ditcher– so we met british people there, some were 20, some were 27 and i don’t know if i counted them right but whatever and they’re only here for a little time, anyways, i was talking to them, lots of laugh and i can already sense that we are having some kind of good communication here, to think that i like british accent for fucksake, but when She saw her Boyfriend sat across her she’s like ditching me, although im still talking and im not even halfway done of whatever im saying, she stood up and told me she’ll just go to the bathroom and/or whatever so i left hanging. like SRSLY.

*The Never Ending Talk– uhm so heres the thing, one of the person i met was really talkative. i was just sitting in front of the fire, trying to roast a wiener, finally coz im hungry, but this girl came to me and started talking, well yeah its fine, i mean, that’s why you party to make friends but then few minutes later she started blabbing about random things i literally don’t understand about, like really girl? what yo problem?

*The Weirdo- so there’s this guy, he’s one of those people who does mushroom picking, and for real, he smells NOT so Good! and he wears this weird kimono that looks like an ancient Chinese wore it, and then he started singing weird songs like you’ve never heard of before. it would have been a great music only if he puts enough words onto it.

So that’s the scenario last night, and i woke up this morning feeling bad not because im in pain but because i can’t remember the names of some people i met last night. better bring paper and pen the next time i for this huh.


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