Since You’ve been Gone|Book Review (The Comeback)


This was like one of the best Books I’ve ever read about Friendship. What I like about this book is that it focused not only to a Love Story but also about Friendship, the On-Limits Off-Limits of being in a Friendship and also in a Relationship. In every book we read, ofcourse we learn something, but in this one,Β I not only learned but I also enjoyed.

Okay so i’ll give youΒ a hint, it is something like doing a Bucket List in general. it was fun, bucket list is fun to do, but imagine yourself doing it with you’re newly-met friends and not with your bestfriend. well although I would say it is predictable kind of book, but still it is something I would totally wanted to read again.


so uhm, IM BACK!! (insert lively music here) well, im sorry guys that I wasn’t able to Post something for, wait I counted the months and its for 5 months! Holy COw! My life has been really busy and I would say a bit hectic because just so you know guys im working and im back to school! oh yeaah! so imagine my life doing two important things that I can’t take it in myself, but I Promise you am gonna do the Old Things, more Blog, more Book and MOvie Reviews and im thinking of doing the Meals for the Fittest since I’ve been into something organic lately, oh yeah.

Stay Tune for something Special Blog tomorrow!


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