Gone Girl… Gone Wrong? |Movie Review


I actually don’t know why but this movie makes me feel scared. I don’t know what ‘s in this Movie but it gives me shivers everytime i see Rosemund Pike’s face like this. She looks like im her next victim or whatever like a normal movie delusional character.

Cheers to this movie! if you’re intention is to scare me, then Bravo! You Made it! I actually read the book of this but i didn’t finish it because i can feel that there is something wrong with it, what i meant with something wrong is that, it might affect me too much that i will end up not sleeping for the rest of my life (i just exaggerate things, it’s normal), you know guys how attached i am to every book that i read, so i just don’t want that to happen.

I like this movie because it is really thrilling, the twists of the stories makes you shiver. For the First Part it’ll make you feel Mad to Nick Dunne a.k.a Ben Affleck but as the story goes, and as every lies were told, you found yourself hating Amy a.k.a Rosemund Pike.

it makes me wonder if this case happens in real life. I mean stories like this Might be Existing but i wanna know about it, i wanna research about it and does something about it. This Movie is so interesting.



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