To all the Boys I’ve Loved Before | Book Review


The Ending is so Depressing! Would you believe it ended in just 2 phrases! 2 Phrases! and it feels like it killed me!

I mean, this book has the best story line ever. it doesn’t just talk about Teenage Love Affairs, it’s also about being with the Family, spending life with the family, and i like it because the characters were asian. well ofcourse the author is, well i guess, Asian too.

Back to the Story. This book feels so real to me, like everytime i read it, i always think about what will happen next because im not be able to read it like the whole day, although i wanted to, but with work and blogging stuffs i don’t think i could.


all i can say is that, it’s the best Idea ever! like seriously??!! It looks a bit like a “Trap” for me though. you know when a person is not really so inlove with each other but then there is this time when all of a sudden they went so close together, and they didn’t even realize they were falling in each others hands. like, it’s amazing if you only narrow your mind about the story. Yes, i do wish that Peter Kavinsky does exist because he’s like “i whip my hair back and fort” he doesn’t care whatever people say. I think he is actually in love with lara jean at the end. Gawd! im so praying for this book to have a part 2!


Whatever between Margot and Lara Jean at first was really special, Sisters were like Bae’s or more than Bae’s but obviously, Distance between them came in, just all of a sudden they just felt strangers with each other. Margot lose her attention to her sister’s life, they don’t talk a lot that much, im just wondering where did the phone goes, anyways. I like how Kitty/Katherine was able to brought up in the story because you can’t say she’s a bratty child or she spoils a lot, she actually didn’t she’s like a bridge to everybody’s broken lines. She’s the reason why everything was sent out, at first, (you know what i mean if you read the book) she’s the reason why Peter Kavinsky was able to go to their Recital, she’s the reason why Peter actually likes Korean Yogurt ever since. she is just so precious.


I feel like he is Dumb. or Numb. i don’t know, he’s so out of the story why don’t he just remain simply as Margot’s ex.?? i mean, you don’t need that much of participation in Peter and Lara Jean’s love team. he doesn’t have to be the traitor one because he is obviously like part of the family already.

i don’t like the part when he confronted Lara Jean about her feeling for him before, he was so anxious to know the answer why lara jean never tell anything before when they were still young. Like, what kind of guy is he? he doesn’t have to be a coward 4 years ago, i mean, your the guy, your the one who should be telling your true feelings with the girl not the other way, that’s totally a major turn off!

Overall, i liked this book! it’s one of the best book i’ve ever read! i wish there is part 2 tho, coz i really wanna know what happened to Peter Kavinsky.


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