The Merry ClarisseMas kind of Day, the First Winter Edition


This year has been a very Great year of my life because of all the things that happened for the past few months.

You know how me and My Family moved from the Philippines to here in Canada. we had a lot of changes and also adjustments but we were able to cope with it so much, but ofcourse we can’t do it without this freaking funny and ever supportive people that surrounds us.

How did I celebrate my Christmas?

My Christmas is always exciting every year. I don’t think about a lot of presents but I actually think of the things that I surpassed after all. im just really thankful that I am still here in the world, Breathing and still surviving.

it was June 24th in the morning when I woke up at 7:00 had a few crunches and burpees and a 10 minute run and after that I head to the bathroom and start prepping up myself for work. Im done working at 4:00 pm so my life isn’t that stressful during that day.

At 7:30 pm me and my family with some few Filipinos gathered at our house to have a simple Christmas Dinner, just to have a small “Filipino catching up” Party. Friends coming in and out until 11:00 pm. we had finally our time to relax at 12:00 midnight where me and my mom started to wash the dishes and just get ready for bed. Yes, we didn’t have the traditional 12:00 midnight Christmas eve because we just decided to have it the next day, the actual day.

The Next Morning, it was Dec. 25th. at 9:45 am I woke up, my mom was already watching the news she already had her coffee. I was sitting at the sofa, having my Chai Tea which is im so Obsessed right now. My dad woke up right after he heard noise from our living room ‘coz my mom is changing the curtains.At 10:30, we are having our Brunch, just having theLeftovers from last nights food. and by 12:00 me and my Family is already preparing for Family Christmas gifts opening and Christmas Family Picture.


And Meet My Family!


and This is us Posing while opening the gifts! hahaha. my Dad doesn;t look Happy in that photo but believe me he actually is. I gave him Binoculars which I ordered from amazon, I got my mom a Bag from and a Fancy Nights Jessica Simpson Perfume and a Winter boots for my brother.


Always Remember that Christmas isn’t always just about the material things you get but its about sharing and spreading the love. it is also one way of remembering Jesus Christ who have Suffered and Died for our Sins. I was never able to spend my Christmas with my Parents for 5 years but I didn;t lose hope, coz I know God will find a way for us to spend the Holidays Together.


Stay Tune for my next blog of what iΒ  got for Christmas from my parents and friends.


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