The Classic No Eyeliner and Classic With Eyeliner Look for WInter Part 1


‘Tis the Season to be Jolly Indeed! with the make up look I am sharing with you right now, Im going to Share to you the make up Classic Look that I did. The Difference between the two is that on the left side I had Winged Eyeliner  there, it’s not that Thick coz usually I just wanted to look it more simple and more Classy like the ’70’s 😀



Overview! This is the Make ups that  I used for my eyeliner look on the left side.


to start with the Foundation that I use. it is Revlon 24 Hours Colorstay on the shade medium Beige. it is my natural color so it look a little bit more neutral.

Suggetions, Neutral Colors is more Classy Look so I bet you don’t need any highlighting or anything fancy in this look, just whatever that fits your skin color.


Sephora Powder on Medium Beige shade. I Love Sephora right now! like it is one of my faves of the month. it’s one of the things that I’ve never regret panicked buying! and yes, I do panic buying 🙂 to scare myself I guess


For the Blushy Cheeks I Used this Covergirl triple colored blush, it is so classy it just looks Puffy just like what it supposed to be, haha


Revlon Under Eye Concealer to cover the imperfections of my eye and also I sometimes used to on my eyelids 🙂


And for the Eyelids Color, here qe go the chocolate brown and neutral brown from covergirl. they don’t have any names or numbers in the packaging so I just showed them to you, I used all the colors here just so you know, and just blend them in.


and for the eyeliner, I got the Maybelline New York Master Studio. I usually use this now if I wanted Winged Eyeliner because the design of the Brush or the tip of the Brush is actually designed for it. its PERF!


and I just put black matte kajal from Revlon for my eyeliner to make my eyes look Bold and a little bit big. 🙂

That’s it for the Part 1 of my Classic Look. Check out for the Part 2 tomorrow for the Classic No Eyeliner Look.

Merry Christmas to all!


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