The New face of Just Enjoy and Have Fun


I Customized my Blog site! After 2 weeks of almost deserting-like my Blog I realized that doing this kind of things is actually what I wanted and I just can’t leave like that despite of my Work Schedules and Study Schedules because I have people/followers/friends who are actually waiting for my next blog. I might be annoying to some others, or I might sound non sense but actually I don’t care, it’s your opinion, it doesn’t matter to me, we have our own perspectives in life so whatever matters to you is totally fine with me.

Anyways, I am here again to let you know that I changed my Template, because you might think that you were lost or you clicked the wrong link but I actually changed it, but I have the same Site name, the same topics, like movie reviews and book reviews and food experimentations, meals for the fittest, and the most of all, the love of my life that I decided to share with you guys is Doing Make Up. I haven’t decided any Titles on that Blog Episode but actually I am thinking of that now which im very excited about. and im counting my days to Christmas because this is the very first winter Christmas i’llΒ ever have, follow myTwitter Account for more exciting conversations! i’d love to talk to you. and also I am thinking of doing the Cosmopolitan Question Challenge which I usually do here before but I kindly paused or temporarily stopped doing because I have to work on my schedules and the lazy days just keeps on coming so is just wanted to organize my time here.


here’s a little peek of our Christmas tree, im just so excited to open my gifts, don’t worry, i’ll show everything, and you’llct big from Teenhabitat! πŸ™‚


twitter @ClarisseMatic

Instagram @Clarissegallardo


Click on this site to view the last blog I Made about Winter Skin care


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