Face Makeup Care for Winter


I just don’t wanna be selfish so i just wanted to share to you guys the things that i usually put on my face, or the kind of make up that i use for healthy skin during Winter time.

We all know that winter time is like a Big-No for our skin Ladies. it makes mine so dry and very chappy especially my lips, so in this blog, im gonna show you how i try to take care of my skin, make it look hydrated and not so dry.


Just a little overview of what im going to tackle for today. i bought this things at the Drugstore so nothing special about how i got this, i just try to stick with whats near with me because it’s more convenient.


If you read my last Blog about SKin Care essentials, obviously, you’ll know that i use this a lot. but actually this is the 2nd bottle since the last blog, so it was really good and i like how the microbeads does to my skin i feel like it peels every dry skin and renews it. i just feel so comfortable with this Aveeno Skin Brightening daily scrub. πŸ™‚


i am so excited to talk about this product because actually this is not like the ordinary or the normal CC creams we use. it is something special because aside from its Neutrogena, it is actually gives your skin more complexion, unlike with some other foundations that i use it makes my skin really look even but i feel dry and numb all day. i have the Light to Medium Color. right now, i am trying to use dermatologist recommended because i do believe that Winter time is like the hardest time to keep your skin look healthy and glowy.


This is the Ready Set Gorgeous by Covergirl. this actually dermatologist recommended too, if you only read the back part of the package. it is actually a concealer but the effects in your skin looks like a foundation. it is kind of rough at first but as soon as you had it for like 5 hours, you’ll actually never notice or feel it. it is very lightweight and it really is Gorgeous.


This is actually has nothing to do with my Skin Care for winter, but it’s in the Overview so i think i might as well talk about it too. It is a Sally Hansen Flfirty eyelash Curler. it makes your eyelash more fancier and look so open. Sally Hansen products is a must-haves because they do know how to take care ladies’ fashion preps, and Β they have “how-to” if you read in the back of the package.

As you can see now guys, im really so into something that is scientifically approved or is more recommended than any other brands, and also it is important to read the back and the front of the packages because its like getting to know more of your investment, it is something that you apply in your face and you don’t wanna get wrong right?

Christmas is almost coming too, so get tuned with my next Blog about “Classy Look” and More Movies and Book Reviews to come. πŸ˜€

twitter: teenhabitat95


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