Before i go to Sleep | Story Revelation


Yey! and the Book Review Starts today! and the First thing that i just finished reading in two weeks time is “Before i go to Sleep” it was really a good book, which emphasizes the true spirit of marriage, trust and love.

I love how the author gave meaning and value to Psychology though. it just made the readers realize how passionate or how they should be aware about the memory or whatever is wrong and/or right about our brain. But the True Essence of this book is just to give thrill and knowledge to the readers, it is something that will blown up your mind, just keep you reading it. Actually, this is like one of the books which gives thrills, goosebumps every single night i read it.

i thought at first, there is something Psycho going on in the story which i liked because it relates whatever i learned from my Psychology major, but anwyays, the book was just about being honest and truthful to your partner. Giving up is not obviously a solution but a start to another problem, which made sense to me because giving up is almost like running away.

i just can’t get enough of this book, i just feel like reading it again, but it sucks how it feels like when you already know the ending. anyways, i’ve watched the trailer right after i finished reading this one, and i was pretty amazed of it, i just can’t wait for it to show in the town.

As usual, i would always recommend reading the book first before watching the trailer because it gives you idea what to expect and what Not to expect. this is crazy but im just so inlove with this book.

So far, More Book Reviews to do and since the book that i ordered from amazon were 5 days delayed or more i guess i should stick with the drugstore books, but i promise i’ll give you the best shot guys. ofcourse i wont let you down!


More fun and excitement on my “journey to Losing Weight” episodes. so check it out from time to time if you have the spare time guys. i give healthy bonuses in their and by that i mean healthy advices and suggestions and routines that i do everyday 🙂

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