Winter Skin Care|by Clarisse Gallardo


This is the kind of weather where our skin gets dry, our face feels a bit frisky and freezy. Winter is coming up, what can we do?

Yes girls! keep your hands up for Winter, never back up because im going to share to you my skin care essentials during winter this year. This is not and Advertisement of any of this products and/or Company, im just showing you the things and the rituals i do so i hope you’d get something interesting from it.


AVEENO SKIN BRIGHTENING DAILY SCRUB. thats what i use daily like every night and day. it has this tiny beads which makes my skin feels clear and hydrant. i just so love it especially during this days where your skin is just warming up for winter time.


To make sure your skin face is in good condition, or whatever, there is two astringents that  I use, first is Clean and Clear essentials deep cleaning astringent. it is medicated and Oil Free, so whatever make up i use everyday my face is not that oily and i proved it already. i don’t really put a lot of it because its strong and it might be too much for my skin already coz our face has the most sensitive skin ever.


the second one that i use is Nivea Gentle Toner. i like this one because aside from its pink, but because its really gentle that you actually feel like you did nothing to your face, i don’t recommend this one, if you’re purpose is to exfoliate and pimple-free skin. This is just a gentle toner, for dry skin and sensitive skin. And i don’t know if the rumors that are spreading is true but i heard that Nivea contains a lot of Almonds, so i don’t like almonds actually i don’t believe in the power of almonds so i switched to clean and clear, but i like this nivea one, believe me it does work, but i needed something strong.


and for Cream, im so inlove with this one, it’s Clean and Clear Dual Action Moisturizer. it’s Hydratant and helps prevent pimple. im the kind of person who doesn’t have that pimples on my face they usually pop up on my back or on the back of my neck so i don’t need my cream to be that harsh it should be something smoother or gentle. as you can see i normally use the brand Clean and Clear, because its medicated already and they’re usually oil free which is a big Yes to my face because i literally wear make up every single day.


and for the last ritual i have. for my over-all body, who does want their lovely arms, hands and toes to get dry on winter time,? NO ONE. so i recommend this Aveeno Active Naturals. it is Stress Relief Moisturizing Lotion and ofcourse it is hydrant and it helps calm and relax my skin for 24 hours which is awesome coz i usually spend almost 80% of my day outdoor so i seriously needed this Lotion. it’s actually gentle, like i don’t need to go for strong lotions or the scented ones because sometimes the scented lotions actually doesn’t work, you buy them just because of the smell. so i needed something natural and something medicated already.

So that’s it for my Skin care solutions for Winter Time, i hope you guys would love this Blog and im hoping i did help you in some other way. i just wanted to apologize for not posting my blog ideas for quite awhile because i’ve been busy with my work and also im going back to school, thats why. i actually miss doing movie review and book review so im thinking of doing that again.


My Blog Page has finally its own twitter account. i can’t read all your messages on my email so just contact me on my twitter @teenhabitat95. the first 10 followers will be followed back 🙂


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