About Being 19 (Personal Perspective)


I am 19. and yes i admit it that there are few things changed in my life since the day i stepped into the world of Adulthood. I can’t just change whatever that happens because seriously, i had nothing to do with it. But anyways, lets do the talking!

BAD THINGS: (i seriously doesn’t like being adulthood or you might too.)

1.) When you go to the movies and you were like “1 adult ticket please”. This Bothers me a lot, it sounds a little bit overacting but i just don’t like it, i always like being so young and productive and obviously, 19 is the first step to 40.

2.) The Discounts! sometimes, you just can’t avail anything for free now because they say you’re an adult. and holy cow! i just don’t like it. i mean who does like paying too much if you can get it for free hey?

3.)when you’re mom scolds at you “You’re old enough to do that and do this…” , “You’re 19 and you’re too lazzyyy…” and i was like “ok mom, just stop reminding me that im old enough to do shits. come on!

4.) when you can’t do SPooky holloween stuffs or you can’t join any organizations things of grade schools coz you’re freaking 19. and i feel like im so left alone. lol

5.) when you’re friends were most likely 17, 16, or 18 and they are kind of matured than you. so that’s the time i feel so left out. like seriously, this life is so unfair.


1.) when you’re parents finally gives you your own credit card but you have to pay for your own money. i don’t exactly know if i should be proud, happy or sad about this, its kindda mixed emotions guys.

2.) you can finally be arrested! you can now feel the ” Finally, everything is for free” coz theres bed and food and extra sleep everytime when you’re in jail. hahaha

3.) The Smoke. literally, you are now allowed to smoke, although i really don’t smoke because its bad for my health and to everybodys health and i can’t afford to put my organs in their own risk., lol!

So far, this are the things i usually see Β and hear 19-year-olds complain and thankful about. haha, although in general being 19 is full of fun, its the last number that has “TEEN” in the end so just be thankful and make sure you got the best of it. it’s just like something you should be greatful coz atleast you’re not 40 yet. hahah

Anyways, im just really sorry for my long time absence, im just busy and everything that i lose track of my blog but don’t worry i prepared so many topics while im out, and i’ll be at Edmonton, Canada this coming Friday for the long weekend (Thanksgiving Day) and you guys watch out coz its going to be fun coz im going to blog each and every day i do πŸ™‚ don’t yeah worry :p


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