What to do during Autumn Days!

thumbAutumn days just touched down and Holy winter is almost coming right up and the only question we got in mind is what are the things we should do during this days.

Well, first of all, nobody likes Winter, except for those people who are inlove, but for people who have no one to cuddle with aside from themselves, Winter is Freaking Not so Great. Autumn, who cares about winter if there is autumn hey? This is like one of the best season where you can enjoy life, living the “Californian-Style” with all the things you wanna do in bed (unless you’re a student, you gotta get up early). Everything is easy and falling down in its own place, but what are the things we should do to make our Autumn Season memorable??


PRANK #1 (Everybody can do this. Holy! just imagine how pissed that stranger is if he finds out he can’t even get any closer to his own car. haha)


PRANK #2 ( So whoever did this way back in 1976 is totally COOL! hahaha. Nobody does this, probably he spent his lifetime in jail eh? but spending you’re time in jail because you did this shit is like having a lifetime coolness deep inside.)


PRANK #3 (I never did this before but i wanted to try it. hahaha. this must be really awesome that people might think that it is real. just imagine a woman really in fast track that she didn’t even realize she’s almost down into heaven, like WTF?! hahaha)

Those things are more about pranks, just giving the fun ones some ideas on how to spend there Autumn more nice 🙂

But, if you’re a kind of person who thinks of having a peace of mind and relaxing kind of weekend during Autumn season, for sure i have tips and ideas for you 🙂


READ A BOOK. everybody knows how relaxing it is to read a book during peace and quiet times, reading it on the Balcony and just enjoying the weather and the story. I suggest you should read the book “Gone Girl” by Gillian Flynn, it’s a very unraveling kind of story, so much mystery packed novel i am enjoying reading it, im actually reading it at the moment.


A CUP OF TEA. Nothing more enjoyable than reading a book with a tea beside you. i don’t usually like drinking tea while reading because i ended up concentrating to my tea rather than the story, but there are some times that the story interests me that i don’t mind tea on my side. We all know Tea is the best during this season and is good also if it’s green tea 😀


JOYRIDE LIVING. Take a ride and Go Away with some friends, or if you wanted to be better off alone. it’s nice to have your mind set before the weekend or before the season ends, just make sure you do this before the winter season comes in, coz doing joyrides doing winter is a Big-No-No. 😀


FRIENDS-OUT. make sure that your Friendship-Relationship with your friends doesn’t go wrong. Hang out with them every once in a while, but hey, i know you hang out with them everyday at school. but rather change your environment once in a while.

What else? That’s it for today’s Blog Entry!

Pictures credits to Weheartit, thank you for making your website. 😀

And don’t forget to email me at teenhabitat95@gmail.com

Hot-Butt Kisses everybody!


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