Shawarma Inspired Meal for the Fittest! #CookBookFittest

So i woke up this morning, had my Water, and the exercise routine i do everyday, but then, i was thinking of Post Workout Meals i could eat tho i only have Beans, Carrots, and Corn in the Fridge. You know that feeling of you wanted to eat something Healthy but you Don’t wanna eat it literally.? Like this if you do. Lol

Yeap, so i had to find a way to make it all work. so then, i did a Food that literally fits my taste. SO im gonna share it to you guys, it’s easy to do and you can easily find it in your fridge 



This is the Finished Product, just giving you an idea of what it will be later on. and just wanting to let you know that i don’t do measurements like using a Measuring Cup coz i don’t have to limit myself from eating food, Lol. 

First thing ofcourse if you’re beans and carrots and corn are freezed you should ofcourse defroze it on your microwave for 3 minutes.  


i bought a pack that was already sliced so that i’ll be hussle free. haha, and thats how lazy i am, so sorry.


So while waiting for the B-C-C to defroze, mind to chopped onions, ooohh i love onions, and by the way they smell, it really is great. and yes, i use white onions, so it’ll have stronger aroma. 😀


Heat the Pan, Pour Canola Oil, and if it’s hot enough, Put Onions on it, until it turns Brownish, but in my case, i based it by its Smell.


and then the best thing ever, Put the rice, on it. you can use brown or white or any rice you want, but if you really wanted it to healthier more, i suggest brown, but brown wont make me feel satisfied and we only have white rice at home, so i just use it. haha. just make sure its already cooked, ok? before putting it on the pan.


Just do it like you do fried rice. and now i think our rice is ready, so we’re now going to put Oyster Sauce. Just enough amount to make it look a bit browny. 


OOPPSS! just don’t forget your B-C-C is in the Microwave. hahaha so, when it’s all done now, just put the BCC and mix them all. just mix it like nothing matters in the world but you and this food. 😀




now this is my Finished product! How about Yours?? better send it to my email (

i put sunny-side-up egg on top of it and also a carrot dressing! yeah, it looks yummy it even taste yummier!


Add-Ons i used durig the cooking class! hahaha.


For the Oyster Sauce, i used this one, because i saw its Nutrition facts and it’s all 0%. i don’t if it’s really true or im just missing some things, but thanks to this it made my food yummier. Anyways, you can use whatever oyster sauce you want. 🙂


and this is also what i used. it’s really good in mixing everything else. it was the best, just made everything perfect.



Lastly i used Pasrley, i put on top of fried rice to make it look good! 😀



I didn’t put beef on it, because the original shawarma have it, and i don’t like beef that much because it’s hard to digest and got a lot more of fats.

My version also doesn’t have mayonnaise. Anyways i have the egg, coz i have read an article that the best substitute for Mayo is egg, just don’t put salt 😀


Well, that’s all that i have to share. You’re concern, suggestion and opinion matters to me, so better email me at or just simply comment below 😉

i hope you did great to your Shawarma. i can assure you it’s one of the best food you can eat after work out 😀





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