Who You are and Be What you are! (Racial Discrimination Issue)

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Racial Discrimination is just one of the Issues around the globe that has a very strong impact to humanity. 

I just wanted to open or talk about this issue, because i was once a RACIST. Yes, you hear/read it right. I am Very Sorry if i have offended you by that, but i have moved on already, i have understand thoroughly and i have accepted the fact that im wrong. I was once not into “Anti-racism” campaign because i used to Hate Some Indians, well obviously, not all, because there are also Indians i knew who were NIce. My hatred towards them started when i used to going to this Friendly SItes online, and i met some Indians and they’ve been rude to me, asking me some things to do that i don’t really like. It is where it all started. But then, as i meet same race with nice attitude, i realized that i don’t have to generalize the situation or the people with the same race just because the other one had made or was being rude to me. 

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It’s not just Indians who have the Issue, it also has the Blacks, Asians and Whites. Usually, everybody is in favor of Whites, because they believe that they look great and gorgeous same with Latinos. And usually the Discrimination is under Blacks and Asians. Which is Unfair because we were all the same. its just the Color and the Race who differ, aside from that, we’re just all came from the same place and we’re going to die on the same place too.

In some of the Netizens i have known or i have spoken to, 95% of them are Anti-racism and the remaining 5% is into Racism. Some of them believe that this thing is not really that Big deal to be talk about because everybody is fighting for it anyways, and some believe that racism is a very sensitive issue to be discussed they just chose to shut up.

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Here’s the thing, i just don’t want to be negative about this. i know i once got into the wrong place and i misunderstood the real thing about this. Maybe because i just don’t want to be judged too, But you know, if you are Hating a Race, it ends up that everybody will Hate you for Hating one Race. you won’t get anything from hating. I have learned that this thing shouldn’t matter, were just people living in a very cruel place, sometimes they will be nice to you but will judge you. 

This issue is very sensitive. Im not offending anybody, im just saying what i think is should be said. Does looks or physical built matter? rather than the attitude?


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