Being Out of the Box (Charice as Herself)


This is Charice Pempengco during the days when she was still into the box and not yet revealed the real her.


This is her now after she was able to get out of her Box and be able to reveal the real part.

This may be the Toughest or the Hardest Blog entry i’ve ever done, since you know that this is not really my thing. But i just wanted to clarify some things, i want my opinion to be heard too.Ā 

When Charice revealed or finally talked about her real side, i am watching her on the TV, days before the revelation, i already saw some photos showing her new hairstyle and the new her. well, it can be photoshoped anyways, thats what i think, but when i watched her on the TV revealing that she’s a Lesbian, i was like ” Wow, who could’ve thought that this girl, turned into world’s apple of the eye is now revealing that she’s a lesbian”.

Ok, so here’s the catch, She was being Judged because she’s a Lesbian which is a Total Non Sense because there’s nothing wrong with it. She knows what she’s doing, she knows what to do, she’s on the right and legal age now, what else do you wanna talk about?? Like, she’s not a criminal eh?



SHE’S HAPPY. everybody that follows her on her IG account knows how happy charice is to be with her Girlfriend. They were young and inlove but not innocent enough to feel fool and feel unstable in love.Ā 

she’s having her REALationship with Alyssa Quijano who is also has the passion in singing. They were both inlove with each other that they already said Forever to each other, i guess šŸ™‚Ā 


Now, they were both walking to right path. i know they both will always live together happily. They were on the same Passion, what else should you ask for? it’s just so plan right eh.Ā 

Well, as everyone was saying, coming out of your shell is the best feeling ever, because you were able to do things for real and not feeling like you’re just faking everything. the thing is that, charice kept it in herself because she got an Imagine that should be protected. there are millions of people who talks about her and idolizing her so much.Ā 

Just so luckily, she got a girl of her own. šŸ˜€




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