Striked by Magic’s! RUDE!

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OK! This song has the greatest impact ever! The sound and the Lyrics just keeps on playing in my mind, and i don’t care whether it plays all year long.

Were you Enchanted by Magic’s! Rude Single too?? oh well, who doesn’t right??

I decided to talk about this song since i saw a lot of praises and wonderful comments in the social media. like for example, if you go to, and you typed in the search bar “Magic” this guys just appear together with the cover of their album, especially the “Rude” lyrics. 

For example this one…


Amazing how people reacts to this song, the impact of it to people who listens to it. this song just grew up somewhere, made by nobody, and in just one blink everybody cares to listen now. MAGIC!

a lot of people talking about this song because probably there’s a lot of people who can relate to the song. Like for Fathers who were being so uptight to their daughters and for the Boyfriends who were being so determine to have their girlfriends and able to marry her, it’s sweet. For me, it’s something like the best thing a man can do, fight for your love, and brave enough to confront the King. 



ofcourse i’d go to the Famous line “Can i have your daughter for the rest of my life?”. That’s the sweetest and bravest line a guy can tell to a Dad. it is something crazy but something that may touch a girl’s heart. for me it is full of MAGIC! hahaha. 

The another line i like is ” im gonna marry her anywhere”. Won’t you fall to that line? isn’t it the 2nd best Romantic Line a man can ever say?? ok, Im inlove with the song now.

The impact of this song TO ME, more than a Justin Bieber song does. it’s genre is something a teenagers would love to listen to nowadays. 



ok, so i was shuffling some videos on my youtube subscriptions and everything, when i saw COLBIE CAILLAT’s Version of this song! it was totally amazing, im not saying that it is better than the original, duhh, no one beats the original, but it is or it must be the 2nd best. 

and also i guess they have acoustic version of that, i mean LIVE. so if you got a chance, check them out via VEVO. i can’t seriously wait for their album to come out 🙂


How about you Guys,? whats up with your Rude Music Adventure?

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