Tammy! (The Movie Review)



so i never heard anything about this movie before but i always saw it’s trailer everytime i go to youtube and i didn’t dare to watch it anyways because i thought this are just one of the movies that im not going to like.

So, i was Home alone and feeling bored and  i was like, i wanted to watch a movie, something that is funny and like adventure and also worth the Movie Review for my Blog Entry since i haven’t done any Movie Review for months now. 

and then i went to youtube to see some trailers and then ‘Tammy’ is still top on the List. so i gave it a Go sign and there i Go. i was Amazed by how it goes and by how the story was told.

How she made the decision of being free, away from the town she has been for almost all her life, the town that she keep on coming back, but then without her Grandma she can’t do it eh? 

It is also about Knowing thyself. Being Free is about knowing yourself, you should know where to take place and when. I’m not Saying that you have to be Against everything. im just trying to tell you that Life is about Choices, what you want depends on how much you wanted it. it is something a Person can always have and have not. 



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