Fruity and Berry Lifestyle, Blend it now.



I saw something on this Fruits that made me buy one and Experiment something.

As you can see, i Sliced the Strawberries into cubes, or the size just enough to Blend it easier. I also put Blueberries and Bananas on it. and Blend them all.


and this is how it looks like after i blend them all. I don’t like chunks of fruits in it, but if you want chunk fruits you can blend them in not that too much speed. i tried it before it was also yummy, but today i decided not to have chunks. 

i also put Skim Milk on it to blend it right, but i don’t put water or ice, it’s just not my thing when it comes to fruit blending. 


This is the Yogurt i used. It’s Silhouette Greek Yogurt it also has flavor, mine, i got blackberries, blueberries and strawberries. and the best thing about this yogurt is that it has 0% of fat so it’s totally healthy and Yummy! 😀


and here is the Finished product. 😀 it has Skim Milk on Top and Almonds to make it more yummy. i don’t have Whip Cream tho it supposed to be on the Plan but since i wasn’t able to buy one, i did this instead.  

it is so Yummy that i can’t resist of doing it again. 


I already tried doing this a week ago. and ever since the first time i tried i did it already for like 4 times now. ever since, i can feel my metabolism moves faster, it makes me feel better and it’s a cleansing too, this is good if your on a strict diet and bored of just eating Berries. it’s better if it comes with Whip Cream and another kind of peanuts. 

and also i have noticed my skin glowed and i just feel energized. we all know all the benefits we can get in this fruits. it’s just so lovely to know that we can do other things than eating it alone,


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