Face Without Make Up Exposed (Everyday Make up Blog)


The Face of a Not-So-Perfect Girl is Exposed. πŸ˜€ yes, this is me, my face, when im not wearing make up and only cleansed my face and showered.Β 

But today, aside from Exposing my Face without Make up, I will also reveal my Make up Powers and make up Wands and Magics πŸ˜€ (Honestly, im just trying to make it sound Cool, but its not haha)



So this are the Products i Used. i will introduce to you each one of them, so yeahh, Lets Get Started! (Just don’t mind the Background, just the Products)


This is the Revlon Photoready Foundation in Natural Shade, just Bought a couple of days before and im amazed by the way it works.Β 

unnamed (1)

Apply it on your face, just like a Normal girl does. haha. You exactly know what i mean by that,


Next is Shawill Matte Concealer, i bought it way back in the Philippines, and im not sure if it’s available International, but i know it is available in Asian Countries. I use this product for several months now and it was really great since it has Matte.Β 

unnamed (2)

and apply it again on your face, the part where you have dark circles and some blemishes that you want to be concealed, and ofcourse spread it out with the use of your magic fingers, haha, πŸ˜€

unnamed (3)

and voila! here i am, with Foundation and Concealer on ma face! πŸ˜€


It will never be complete guys without Press Powder. So, i have here Pretty Simple on Beige Shade, this Product is Available Only in the Philippines, so yeahh, i need to discover some new make up products just before this one is empty! hahaha.

unnamed (4)

apply it on your Face, like you own the world! Just Kidding. i like this Routine because aside from i use it everyday, it also completes the Natural look i wanted for my everyday errands.


ofcourse, we can’t get out of the house with out stunning, blinky EyeLashes, so for that, i use, Maybelline’s Big Eyes mascarra for Upper Eyelashes and Lower Eyelashes. the best about this product is it makes my eyes look a lot Bigger and Bold, so dark and Natural.


and yes, im a Fan of Maybelline, so for my cheeks i use their product Cheeky Glow Blush Studio edition, it doesn’t have a name on it, so, it’s kind of brown and a combination a little bit of reddish, so it does look perfect.

Β unnamed (6)


Yeah! so that’s me Enjoying every Bits of it. hahaha, Just excuse my Epic Face! πŸ˜€


and for my Lips, i have this Clinique on 33 Raspberry Glace shade. it’s like brighter pink and it’s glossy, i love it, really.Β 

unnamed (7)

Another Me, enjoying the color of my Lipstick, just so perfect, it retains on my lips for like 12 hours, and it just felt really nice.it doesn’t feel like Heavy.

unnamed (8)

And Yeah! this is the final Blast! haha, Just Kidding, this is now my final look, just having a picture beside my Bed with the “Dream” Signage on it i found at the Drugstore.

unnamed (10)

and another look of me, just like i tell you, im not really good in doing make up, as you can see i don’t put eye shadow, though i have one, and eyeliners because i wanted to look natural today! πŸ˜€

so this is hashtag Awesomeness!



this is not a Product Endorsement. i bought some of this products and some are gifts. nor, this is just for fun blogging purposes. πŸ˜€Β 

Further Conversation, Requests, Suggestions, and Objections, you can comment down below, or email me at teenhabitat95@gmail.com





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