James Patterson and John Green’s Love Stories.



James Patterson, we all knew him for being the most Choice for writing Crime Scene Novels where in fact made him one the most best selling novel tellers of all time. 

i never use to read a James Patterson Book, because as you can see, i never like reading crimes and everything, it just confuses me a lot, and i’ve got a bunch of questions that i can’t seriously talk about. but then, when i saw about this book online, it just made this interest inside me, since i like love stories rather than crime scenes, heard a lot of praises about this book and also read some Good comments so i tried.

The book was very eye catchy, first reason why is because of the Picture Cover, if you’re a normal person, who can never get distracted when they saw this one, right? Lovers Kissing on the beach, thats the craziest and romantic thing ever. and also, the Fact that the story was, really good, it’s not just so romantic or just about love, because sometimes, too much love scenes is Boring, it’s like both of them in a fun and epic adventure.

now here is the best part, the last part, or the last place they ever gone to. there’s a lot of secrets been said there, a lot of feelings were able to reconnect, and the family was able to get back together just before scalawag was able to leave. i didn’t really expect would happen just like that, although i expect they would end up together, but that’s much boring, but i don’t know, maybe James will think anything, but this ending was really one of a kind. i don’t know what made it special about other endings but this book made a lot of chills inside me, i even got butterflies all over my stomach and the fact that i read it just for 2 nights made me think the interest i had on this book  that i even read it Faster than The Fault in our Stars (which takes me 4 days to finish).


it’s not that i compare but this book has a little bit of similarities to John Green’s ‘Papertown’ it was actually a great book too, it’s just that i never finished reading it because there’s too much Mystery on that book it just never boost up the interest in me. The adventure, the Feeling and the Story is kind of the same but in a different plot.

But you guys, might have your ow reviews to this two books, the Paper town and First Love, Please, let me know about it, so i could also join the conversation 🙂 and also if you have any questions, suggest and/or Objections(yes! i accept that, haha) Please, Let me know by sending me an email @ Teenhabitat95@gmail.com

Don’t forget to check my Other Blog, it was fun and i talked also about being feeling ‘Alone Forever’, thinks it might give you some advices and etc. 😀 


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