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Do you feel like you were bound to be alone forever?? Well, im Glad to let you Know that you are Not Alone! 😀

It is Summer of 2014 now, Still going to the beach alone, if not, well probably with the Family, which is not what you want to happen forever, And you’re not getting any younger eventually, so what happens is that you think you might be forever alone.


Will this be remain a Fact or Not? there are some things that you might consider some reasons you might be living alone forever, one of them is…

“Not having a Boyfriend since Birth” -Naturally, this situation nowadays is like ‘are you kidding me? even 12 years old now has a boyfriend, asshole’ and yes, the sad truth is, you haven’t gotten into any relationships eversince. Its not bad actually, but if you were waiting for the perfect man, seriously, you are running out of time, so better just accept the deal or be alone forever.

“Outside Looks bothers you a lot”- this is a not so natural situation this days, but sometimes there are still some people whose their main Criteria is the Outside looks, whether they have the sexiest burr, got a six pack, and/or had the biggest boobs, not thinking this girl might have undergone several plastic surgeries. That is a fact that you are stupid.

“He doesn’t have the Grandest car either”- some girls have this in their minds everytime they hook up or date with someone who got sexy abs. some girls just forget about the body and think about the money. Yes, they still exist. It  supposed to be forgotten since its just a car, you can always buy a car Somewhere, it shouldn’t supposed to be on the criteria.

“My Parents doesn’t like him, they say he’s weird in their eyes”- that is so Ignorant. your future doesn’t depends on your parents eyes, but on your parents pockets, ok?! Better made up on your own, make a decision, let them know about it, hear some suggestions, but don’t change Much on the main Decision you have made, got it?if he’s the man for you, he”ll always be the man, nobody can change it because you feel something extremely special to him.

So far, this are the things i can think of and things i can say about, Particularly, if you’re thinking why you don’t have a partner right now, its because your prince is probably riding a turtle instead of horse, so yeah, that might be the reason it took for them so long to get there asses on your doorstep, but you know, the right tiime always come as much as the wrong ones does. so don’t worry, You don’t have to overthink problems like this, you will never know.



this is just my observations and no further research made, since im just telling everything that i have observed and learned. 😀 have a good day guys!


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