A Not-So-Lovely-Chinese-Couple Story.


It was a breaking news in Media about the Case of Chinese Couple who had undergone Plastic Surgery.

The story is about a Husband who filed a case against her Wife for having 3 ugly Children, just imagine how rude is that to do by a Dad. It was also said in the Article that the Dad won the case and was able to make the Wife pay him Money. Ok, now, what is the real score? Is about the Money or what?

Also the Wife Honestly told the Media that she had undergone Plastic Surgery before that’s why she got this Good Looking Face.

So on the other hand, i have read another article which talks about this Topic, and i have found out that also the Father had Undergone Plastic surgery. I don’t know if its a fact, but if it’s the truth, then he is so rude that he was able to do it in his Family.


The Main thing, is that were not just talking about ourselves, the Father should have think about the Children before he doing wrong things. It may cause the children to have Depression and Trauma which may cause them not to Mingle or Go around with other children because of Lacking of Self Esteem, which is a great No-No in the Children Society.

There is nothing wrong with doing Plastic Surgery but you can’t control Discrimination about it. People that surrounds you like they don’t care, but you’ll never know, right?

The same thing with the father, he’s only thinking of himself, it seems like he criticizes his own half. He doesn’t care what or where this may lead, he only thinks of Now, but doesn’t think of Tomorrow.


Unfortunately, the Case has been Settled so we actually got nothing to do with it but Post our Opinion and be part of sharing the story.

I have read a lot of Articles with regards on this topic and also i watched viral videos of this news and it was all over the media. Let’s just not be too selfish guys, that guy is at stable mind, he’s just the Meanest Person i have ever known.





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