22 Jump Street, why not so real then?



it was an experience of laughing packed with action that i can barely open my eyes because i was teary-eyed already laughing. This movie was so great that i wanted to watch it like more than 5x but if its not the work i probably do it.

You wouldn’t know who;s the dealer of the “cookie” tho. at first you would really see that it is the Football Guys who Solds it to the students but as the story goes on, you’ll see that its only the person who’s usually not around who does it. Ofcourse i wont tell you who it is, because aside from Some haven’t watched it yet, i always wanted to surprise you. 

And the part that i don’t like on that movie is when Tatum suddenly Kissed a Girl. I don’t Like it because Honestly, i Feel Jealous, i almost Slapped my mom who sits beside me. That Girl is so Lucky she gets a free kiss from Channing. awwww. 

I don’t want you to read too much so it’s better to finish them Talking of mine. All in All the movie is worth the watch, its a never ending Movie that they were sent on the medschool, russia, etc. it was Fun. you won’t waste anything watching that movie. 😀





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