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I missed you so much Guys! I missed Blogging since i haven’t blogged more this past few days or weeks, because we moved an Apartment and it was really great, and we have to disconnect and reconnect the Internet connection A.K.A Wifi! 

But now, i am Happy that i am Back with much more things to share, much more things to blog and yes i have prepared a lot for this. Now you’re going to expect more of Movie Reviews, which i will do a lot of changes of it, and Book reviews, which is you can expect more exciting books to offer, share and enjoy with, and Articles that i might share to you and the best part that i know you’ve been wanting this, Meals for the Fittest is totally back! 😀 Yaass!


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I am so Grateful and Thankful for you being there reading my Crazy Blogs and not so Perfect Write-Ups, but there is no wrong or right in each persons Views and Opinions, right? just Love the way you Guys keep on supporting me, and Because of this never ending craziness, Im Gonna Follow Back the first 5 Persons who’ll email me at

The Mechanics would be, just Email me with your message about what your Blog is all about so i could give you Comments and Suggestions and Thats it! Perfect! so now it’s not just my Blog who is Improving but yours also. Let me help you in this because were all in this together 😀 

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As i always tell you, i Love you guys from my deepest Nerves to the outside! 😀 Goodbye now and see yaah on the Next Blog 🙂





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