Estrada and Revilla’s A Promise to Goodbye

The Republic of the Philippines and The Filipino Citizens holds a very Democratic Dignity which is why probably this Two is in jail right now. they were charge of being a Thief (which is they are but keep on denying), a Liar, and an Hypocrite for being such a selfish Senators. to think that they came from a Family that has the very Popular names, i may not know them well but what they did to Filipinos was far enough that this two deserved to be put behind bars.
it’s not that i judge them because as far as i know, being Honest is different from being Judgemental. Filipinos doesn’t deserve to be fooled by their own Government, this people deserve more than being put behind bars, if they were proven they did this crime and if they were provem that they are with Janet Napoles they deserve to be killed. The Court will sometimes sentence Ordinary People with “Silya Elektrika” because they stole hundred thousand pesos or more than that, so why not give them both the same sentence too? remember, they stole Hundred of Millions too. This is why most people doesn’t believe in Whatever Politicians says, only 10% of what they say came to life, the rest it was like being whispered in the wind.
Were they allowed to have a very well Airconditoned Place? if the supreme court identifies their wishes it was like they were giving a thief some chance to bite their Nails. They said their Families were sacrificing because of the Case they filed towards Estrada and Revilla, and how about millions of people suffering from Poverty because Lani Mercado bought a very prestigious bag? How about making them Starve to Death too, to make them realize how sinful their wrongdoings are. As one of the most very educated Persons of the Country, you should know how to stand up on your own. You can’t blame anyone but yourself anyway. They were having the most fabulous life a simple and ordinary person can never imagine, they didn’t think of the People who voted for them when they were calling for help, they never thought of helping Filipinos anyway, because eversince they stepped on the Government’s Influence they only think of Helping themselves. That’s why Lani Mercado is now a Congresswoman, and how about their Son Jolo Revilla, also a Politician right now who doesn’t even give a Fucking damn Dime!
I wanted their Families to suffer more, more than the Ordinary Filipino Citizens Suffered, i want them to scorge in death, i wanted them to pay for everything they did, i want them to cry for themselves, i want them to cry as they beg because they have nothing to eat.
This is how a Democratic Country should Act and not the way it is right now. The President Aquino Regime walks like a Turtle, there is no word such as Justice this days because Money always leads the way.
I dont want to just shut my Mouth and just watch them cry on TV because they feel pity for their husbands, also i don’t want to see millions of children Crying because there is no food on their plate. This is just my Opinion and wherever it may come, i hope every Filipino can read this. Let this be one of our lessons, Kabataang Pilipino should act by their age, don’t be scared because you were given a mouth to speak not to just sit their and be ignorant. This case isn’t supposed to be Ignored, as long as the Country Lives, the Spirit of Filipinos should also Lift.


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