Braces Experiences and Tips

if you think having Braces is cool, im telling you, it’s not!
it’s been a year now since me and my brother went to the dentist for Dental Braces appointment and i guarantee you, you wont like it for the 1st week. it doesn’t really make sense to me at first, because my original teeth looks like a terrain. If having Braces doesn’t make sense, so does having the lousiest teeth ever.

People have Braces because it’s either they were having some Jaw problems, teeth problems such as Re-Straightening it. it is really helpful, now i know why my parents keep on insisting me to have braces on.
Anyways, if you think it’s fun, it’s not. you can’t literally eat everything because you just have to think that the string or the brackets might get broken, so you shouldn’t eat anything hard. hahaha πŸ˜€ well that sucks but it’s better than having a terrain-like teeth. haha πŸ˜€


this is Awkward or Embarassing to say but it’s really funny, because there was this day that i tried eating cookies, i was in the Kitchen of my friend she was there also, her parents were there too facing us both, and i didn’t know that the cookies was that hard, so i bite it like the biggest bite ever and i can seriously here the “CRACK” sound at the very back of my teeth and i was like “OMG! my Braces is going off” and i feel like Crying but i can’t, i’ll just embarass my self more, so i didn’t finish eating my cookies, i just said that im already full and the cookies taste great. it’s not that funny though, it was Painful.

Another situation is during the 2nd week of having my Braces, i was finally excited that i could chocolates, so i was like “this are all for me? im gonna eat them all” that i almost forgot i have braces, so i eat, halfway through the first bar, and smiled, and the people around me was like “ewww! don’t smile, you doesn’t look great”. hahahaha πŸ˜€

Im not telling you that Having Braces feels like Hell, but it’s Great, sooner or later you’ll realize that having braces is VERY USEFUL. you wont like it for the first Week but after that everything will totally get back to normal, you just have to keep saying to yourself that you have to limit your food, you have to be conscious about what you eat, i mean is it Hard or Soft like that. πŸ˜€

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