Dinnet for the Fittest! (Day 2)


Chicken and Ground Beef.
Just a tiny little bit of this two and i allow you to eat em.
Its the same thing though, eating healthy doesn’t mean avoiding them All, it sometimes mean to put your food Cravings On limit especially this kind of foods.
Chicken is always better than pork, believe me you’ll never like the result if you eat like even a small amount of it.
What is not good in Chicken? THE SKIN. you should avoid eating it because it got you a lot of cholesterol and fats, maybe all of you or us knows how bad the effect is if we eat 1 serving Fat of a Pork, Just imagine eating it for like 10x more, thats how Chicken skin Bad is.
And Also, Why ground Beef?? Aside from its kind of better than eating pork, beefs are better if it is ground because i believe it kills bacterias and also enzymes that may affect our healthy Living. 🙂

Make sure to take them all in just a very small amount/serving. Because too much of anything can kill you, and we can’t afford to kill our health, right. And also make sure you drink your 8-10 glasses of Water a Day with matching exercise to lose weight and be Healthy. 🙂

Any concerns, Questions, Suggestions or you just need someone to talk to, you can email me at Teenhabitat95@gmail.com
I dont take charges or anything, Helping is my main concern. 🙂

Stay tune for Breakfast tomorrow. Good night.


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