There are 70 out of 100 kids on average are verbal bullied each day. 2 out of 100 are cyber. 10 out of 100 are physical. and this Kid on the video is being Bullied while going home inside the bus. My question is what are the Principals and the Guidance Councelors doing about this?
it’s so sad that Bullying has already spread in the world and it is now more than just a Viral Video.
During my Psychology Student Days, I have studied that it’s not the Victim who have Self-Attitude Problem but the “DOer” does. That Problem may have been started at Home, it depends on what kind of Household they grew up on and how they handle it everyday.

i was very interested when it comes to this kind of topic. i am very attached to people who are the Victims because i was once a Bully too, and it kills me to see that their are lots of them now until i have done a report about it when i was still a psychology student.

As for the Victim, the only thing to cope up with this is to open it up to your parents and make sure you explained this to them very clearly, you don’t have to get conscious when you wanted to cry in front of them, because crying is just a sign of how brave you are.

Is Killing Yourself a Solution??
-No, it will never be a solution, killing yourself is like telling them that “yeah you’re right im not good enough, im still and forever will be a Loser”.
There was an Article i’ve read days ago about Bullying too, and i have read there that the Girl died, she was just 17 and she was also a victim of Cyber bullying, the reason why he died is because of Depression, Clearly she didn’t commit suicide or anything else.

Does someone ever tried to Stop Bullying?
-there are lots of people is STILL trying to Stop Bullying. Bullying is Bullshit, so does the People who do it, so what else can we do? we just have to speak for the victims right.

But sometimes, if you are a Victim, the Problem starts from you also, you just don’t know it because you don’t even care. everything has a reason, anything has a reason.

if you have problems and if you are being Bullied, we can talk about it and let me help you. Just email to [] or just comment down below if you have any comments, or something to share, the stories you have knew, you know we can always talk about it 🙂
Have a good Day ahead of you. God Speed


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