Lone Survivor |Movie review

the Movie is all about 5 militaries that were being sent somewhere in the mounbtains of one of the territories of the Afghan Rebels. How did they survive and also the sacrifices they have made.

The Talk:
i was watching it with my Dad, and i was like pretty scared everytime they fell on the Rocks. Gawd, it was pretty hard to handle a situation where you don’t know which is which. Though whatever happens, good scenes will always come, that’s one of the things ii like about movies like this, there will always great ways to find.
It’s an Action Packed with Honesty, Loyalty and Fighting, i never though this movie would be that great because i really don’t like movies that includes military as the main character, i don’t know why but i feel like it. by the way it’s also a book, so if you wante to grab a copy of the book first before watching it, because in every movies that i watched that is based on a novel or true story, i would rather Read the Book first before watching it on screen.


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